Underwriting and Claims Administration

Underwriting and Claims Administration
  • Underwrite risks in line with the criteria set forth by the board of directors.
  • Maintain proper records for all insurance proposals underwritten and accepted by the authorised officials of the company.
  • Handle claims, from notification stage to claims settlement.
  • Maintain proper records for all claims made against the company in respect of insurance policies issued by the company.
  • Assist the company to collect all monies due under contracts of insurance issued by the company in accordance with the credit terms approved by the company.
  • Review and monitor underwriting and claims settlement authorities delegated by the company.
  • Monitor that Insurance Premium Tax has been paid directly by the company’s fiscal representative.
  • Analyse claims and agree IBNR/IBNER reserving policy with the Board of the company.
  • Under the direction of the Board and/or the Underwriting Committee, liaise with the company’s appointed reinsurers/brokers to determine applicable outwards reinsurance cover terms and rates.
  • Collect, review and file respective outwards reinsurance treaty documentation entered into by the company.
  • Ensure premium payment clauses on reinsurance contracts are met.
  • Assist the company in pursuing recoveries from reinsurers and the collection of payments due under any contracts of outwards reinsurance entered into by the company.
  • Assist the company to respond to complaints from policyholders in accordance with the complaints procedure set out in the policy documentation.