Why and Insurance Manager?

There are many advantages in engaging an Insurance Manager or outsourcing certain functional areas of an insurance operation to an Insurance Manager.

  1. An insurance manager offers a cost effective solution due to the economies of scale, arising from the servicing of a large number of clients.
  2. An insurance manager accumulates expertise in the servicing of a vast number of insurance operations thus being able to give advice over a large spectrum of insurance businesses.
  3. The use of an insurance manager means that an insurance operation does not need to employ technical human resources resulting in lower operating costs.
  4. Most insurance managers will offer a one stop shop which would include feasibility studies, company registration, accounting, underwriting and claims management, risk management, compliance, statutory reporting, company secretarial and other ad hoc services.
  5. An insurance manager has expertise in the jurisdiction in which the Insurance manager operates.
  6. Has close contacts with other resources that could be required from third parties
  7. An insurance manager has well established relationships with the Regulator.